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(Like Gnome or KDE panels, but way simpler)

A very brief description:

Foolbar brings to low-end systems a simple launchbar, which can be enhanced by writing modules for it. Its goal is to be as functional as possible while consuming very low system resources.

Actually, this project is far away from these desktop environments' level of usability and functionality. Foolbar's configuration is done through a simple settings file, which defines the program launching buttons and the modules you wish to load into the bar.

Modules are simple tcl-tk scripts, written specifically to fit into the bar. The abilities of these modules can go as far as your own Tcl-Tk's coding skills and imagination. At this time, there are modules to show current time, system load(ram/swap/cpu), and a little button that lets you drag the bar through the screen.

Being pure Tcl-Tk code, FoolBar doesn't need to be compiled. Just download and run. The program itself is very lightweight, since it doesnt't do much, honestly :)

Initially, my first intention was to create a simple Tcl-Tk script that could work for me as a launchbar. Soon, I found myself trying to enhance this launchbar, but it was way too difficult: the code was a total mess. So I wrote everything again from scratch. Bad news is that the current code is still a little messy, but it's getting better.

Foolbar's look & feel:

In construction - stay tuned: there's more to come...
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